Transcutaneous Delivery of Sodium Bicarbonate Increases Intramuscular PH

Transcutaneous Delivery of Sodium Bicarbonate Increases Intramuscular PH

The goal of this testing was to determine the effectiveness of PR Lotion to deliver bicarbonate across the skin barrier by measuring several markers before and throughout 120-minutes following application of PR Lotion. The study design included 8 healthy participants outfitted with intramuscular and intradermal micro-dialysis probes inserted into the vastus lateralis and the skin directly outside the muscle, respectively. 
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The data clearly shows significant increases in pH in both the muscle and the blood, which indicates PR Lotion to be an effective way to increase both local and systemic pH. Increased buffering capacity has been shown to support both higher intensity exercise and longer sustained efforts. The increase in sodium content may also help improve fluid retention and muscle performance during exercise reducing potential for muscle cramping.

  • Efficiency of Energy Production

    Acid can be a limiting factor in energy production. PH in the muscle ultimately allows the anaerobic pathways to continue to create energy for muscle function during high intensity exercise.

  • Muscle Performance

    Better pH balance improves athletic performance. Reductions in pH may affect how rapidly muscles can contract and relax. By elevating pH, it is possible to delay that decline in muscle performance.

  • Fatigue

    Nerve endings in the muscle are very sensitive to pH changes. When the body senses an overabundance of hydrogen ions, the brain receives this information and may reduce the neural drive back to the muscle, its way of telling the body to slow down activity.