PR Lotion Users Share Their Reapplication Tips

PR Lotion Users Share Their Reapplication Tips

Because we have so many athletes using PR Lotion from different sports and multiple disciplines there ends up being a lot of use-case questions that arise. We have cyclists from the US National Team using PR Lotion for a team pursuit that lasts less than five minutes, while on the other end of the spectrum runners at Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run compete for 20+ hours. Obviously, the physical demands placed on athletes in these sports differs greatly, which brings us to one of the questions we receive the most. “Should I re-apply PR Lotion mid-race, and if so, when?”

There is not an exact answer to this since each person is going to metabolize PR Lotion at a different rate. Exertion level will also be a factor, the higher the intensity level the faster it will metabolize. But, our rule of thumb has been that the initial pre-event application will continue buffering the muscle up to the five-hour range. Beyond that, an athlete would indeed benefit from an additional application.

Michael Conti reapplied PR Lotion throughout the 11 days, 5 hours it took him to complete the 3000-mile Race Across America. He went on to finish 4th overall. Photo: RAAM

A number of endurance athletes have already shared how they have re-applied mid-event, such as Race Across America rider Michael Conti. He honed his protocol during extensive training and settled on re-applying PR Lotion every 5-6 hours. Triathlete Craig Taylor also used a similar method to win his age group at the IRONMAN North American Championships and earn a spot in Kona.

Craig said, “When I got off the bike in transition 2 I had the volunteers help lather me up with a packet on each leg before starting the run. These few extra seconds taken in transition 2 to ensure I had some fresh PR Lotion were well worth it as I was able to go out at set a new run PR of 2:58:03.”

Craig Taylor employed the help of volunteers in the transitions to help reapply during an IRONMAN.

Mike Ivancic is one of a number of cyclists that realized the benefits of re-applying during the Dirty Kanza 200. Mike’s plan worked well with his final application coming more than 12 hours into what would be a 17 hour day on the bike. He told us, “At the final checkpoint we re-applied PR Lotion and that helped one of the guys who had been cramping. We came across the finish line together, four wide.”

If you have your own re-application routine you’d like to share or have questions on the best use for your particular sport, please email us at

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